© Courtesy of the artist and The Approach, London

Man Photographing a Bird in the Wind 2014

Stuart Cumberland (1970 – )


195 x 110cm
oil on linen
Accession number


Often aping the aesthetic of screen-printing technique, Cumberland creates his canvases with brushes, spatulas, rollers and window cleaning tools, painstakingly building canvases which appear effortlessly produced and do not divulge the complexity and labour of their creation. The highly controlled use of material is used to consciously avoid expression and the romance of painting. His most recent paintings are inhabited with human and animal figures along with still life elements. Each appears on the canvas bound together on the picture plane but separate from each other. A dog, his ears blowing in a breeze stares at the owner he adores while this man looks away his gaze locked on a bird suspended in the sky.

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