Adam Chodzko was born in London in 1965. He studied at University of Manchester and Goldsmiths’ College, London. In 2002 he received awards from the Hamlyn Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Art,New York, and in 2007 was awarded an AHRC Research Fellowship in the Film Department at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Chodzko’s work examines existing systems of meanings, highlighting their fundamentally arbitrary and absurd nature in order to reveal hidden patterns, concealed ‘truths’ and new possibilities. Working in a range of mediums from drawing to sculpture, performance to film, he draws on the environment that surrounds him, often engaging and involving the viewer. His works frequently display an element of chance, where outcomes are unknown and unpredictable.

The work Night Shift (2004) was commissioned by Frieze Art Fair in 2004, whereby Chodzko was asked to make a poster proposing an alternative mapping for the annual art fair site. During the early hours of the morning, in the lead up to the opening, seven animals were left to freely roam the site, including a stag, a snake and a scorpion. Choosing their own paths through the maze of stands in the hall, they collectively formed a nocturnal parade. Their paths were then recorded and plotted onto a Frieze map to serve as route suggestions for daylight visitors.

He lives and works in Whitstable Kent.