© Phyllida Barlow, courtesy Hauser & Wirth. Photograph Alex Delfanne

untitled: slidingupturnedhouse; 2015 2015

Phyllida Barlow (1944 – )


930 x 1406 x 870 mm
Plywood, cement, plaster, bonding plaster, scrim, PVA, paint, timber, sand
Accession number


The house is a recurrent form in Barlow’s work, appearing as small and large sculptures as well as drawings, almost always upturned:

“Much of my work deals with the forms and structures that surround us, chairs, platforms, balconies, houses. Functional things, things with a purpose, which once rendered as sculptures become useless and sometimes absurd.

I am interested in action within sculpture - I am interested in things falling, breaking, spilling, being upended… untitled: slidingupturnedhouse; 2015 belongs to an ongoing and evolving series of smaller works where the support is integral to the piece. I like the precarious feel of this piece; the sense of balance is somehow energising, making the work appear less static. It has an awkwardness which I like.” Phyllida Barlow